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The Chemical & Waste Water Division offers recycling and disposal options for a broad range of waste products and residues from the chemical industry. Following a thorough analysis and intense consultation, we determine an optimal solution together with our customers for the further treatment and disposal of the substance groups assigned to us.

No matter what route is chosen for your waste disposal needs, we ensure that the disposal or recycling of your waste products will be transparent and easy to track, starting with retrieval by our vehicles, through the individual stages of processing, to their final recovery or reuse.

In addition to the information provided by our clients, we conduct all necessary analyses at our in-house research lab. The synergies created with the other BAUFELD divisions and their processing capacities, systems and technologies contribute in deciding which technology to use for the respective substance flow.

Also, Baufeld is mainly characterized by high flexibility and adaptability. We are therefore capable of making adjustments to meet the needs of our customers and to integrate tailor-made new treatment stages or treatment plants. We always provide our services on fair terms.

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