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Pursuant to Germany‘s Federal Recycling and Waste Management Act (KrWG), the production of waste are to be avoided foremost, and if such production is inevitable, the waste must be recycled for material use or for energy recovery. It takes solid expertise and the right know-how to ensure compliance with these regulations. BAUFELD has assembled a highly qualified team of experts: process chemists, experienced laboratory personnel, as well as employees who, as required by law, are specialized in hazardous materials and occupational health and safety. Through continuous training and education, the team ensures that the latest state of technology is consistently used in BAUFELD operations. BAUFELD Chemical & Waste Water has specialized in creating solutions for efficient, safe and environmentally- sound disposal services for waste, by-products and specialized chemicals. Through its many years of experience in the industry, BAUFELD has succeeded in developing and establishing alternative recycling options for a variety of waste products.
As a flexible and conscientious service provider to the waste management industry, we can provide our customers with innovative and optimal solutions through an extensive vehicle fleet, a diversity of system capacities and exclusive partnerships.
This high quality standard is reflected in our certification pursuant to DIN EN ISO 9001 :2008, and in our status as one of the first companies in the industry to earn the title of Specialized Provider of Waste Management Services in accordance with Recycling & Waste Management Act Section 56.

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