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The secondary Raw Materials Business

The long-term domestic and international collaboration with renowned medium and large-sized companies in the chemicals industry enables us to offer you an array of options far more extensive than just the conventional recycling paths. We supply more and more companies with secondary raw materials that would otherwise have to be purchased on the primary market at substantially higher prices. One company‘s by-products or waste substances are another company‘s treasured raw materials!

Examples of this include:
• Organic acids such as acetic acid, formic acid, etc.
• Industrial acids and bases such as potash lye, sulfuric acid, phosphoric acid, etc.
• Carbon materials (e.g. for waste water cleansers) such as methanol or ethanol, etc.
• Carbon monoxide-containing solutions based on urea, ammonia or ammonium sulfate
• Substance groups such as certain nitrates, phosphates, various metals and alkali metals
• Serviceable chemicals of any kind
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