Economical & Environmentally-sound remedation

The strength of BAUFELD-UMWELT-ENGINEERING GmbH lies in the engineering and implementation of projects for the preparation and remediation of carbon and petroleum-based hazardous waste. This includes residue from oil refineries and coal refining processes. Hazardous waste occurs in many locations, even outside the borders of Germany, in the form of acid sludge lagoons, oil sludge and tar deposits. These may well be viewed as problematic or hazardous waste sources, but because of their high energy content they can undergo further recycling as substitute fuels following suitable pre-treatment. As a result, we can dispense with the expensive safety measures required to encapsulate hazardous waste. BAUFELD has been instrumental in the development of suitable processes for processing and recycling acid sludge and tars and using them in practice. BAUFELD can therefore provide both financial and ecological benefits.

This expertise also enables us to make important contributions to project developments, feasibility studies and add value in the administration of the remediation process for the owners of contaminated sites, for those implementing the remediation, and for financing institutions. From the range of services we provide, we are renown for the absolute reliability of our risk minimization approach, budget compliance, adherence to schedules and safe and qualitatively sound execution of our projects.

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