Remediation of Acid Tar Contaminated sites

Accumulated deposits of sulfuric acid-containing waste products, also called acid tar, can be found throughout the world. They are remnants from the former industrial processing conducted by the petroleum industry with concentrated sulfuric acids, primarily when refining waste oil. Because elimination and recycling options were deficient in the past, these waste materials were stored mostly in open depots (acid tar lagoons).

These pollutants are often situated in direct proximity to residential areas or other locations of sensitive use. They pose a potentially great risk to humans and environment. It is therefore necessary to develop methods and technologies that lead first and foremost to ecologically sound and affordable remediation. This also entails completion of the necessary permitting procedures and the selection of safe and sustainable routes for disposal and recycling.

Through the Chemnitz acid tar projects, BAUFELD developed and implemented new low-emission technologies for the excavation and treatment stages, with the ultimate goal of energy recovery.

Validated by our success

The remediation of acid tar lagoons in Chemnitz at two locations (Neukirchen and Mittelbach) containing approx. 180,000 tons of material was the result of a long-term comprehensive remediation plan.

The plan was built upon the remediation concepts engineered by BAUFELD-UMWELT-ENGINEERING GmbH, as well as the company‘s applied technologies and the progress achieved from its cumulative experience.

This ensures that processing and disposal capacities are available in sufficient quantity for the large volume of waste materials generated over the entire period of remediation.

Acid tar lagoons and similar deposits of the oil industry (upstream/downstream) worldwide need to be remediated in an economically and environmentally friendly manner.

For this reason, BAUFELD and its partners have developed a new and holistic approach for the remediation of such sites by means of energetic utilization of waste materials under the term „Calorific Mining“.

Once the remediation measures are complete, the project is not yet over for BAUFELD-UMWELTENGINEERING GmbH: The monitoring phase starts next. This phase provides the customer with the guarantee that the long-term effect of the remediation plan is seamlessly documented, to the exclusion of consequential problems.

Thanks to our experience with the remediation of acid tar and tar lagoons, this business segment has grown consistently and it continues to expand.

BAUFELD‘s expertise is a highly coveted and much in demand by many hazardous waste owners such as the oil industry, energy companies, domestic and foreign public authorities and engineering companies, waste disposal companies and recycling plants.

The scope of our services also includes the creation of risk analyses at contaminated sites and the drawing up of subsequent usage plans.
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