Remediation of tar contaminated sites

BAUFELD-UMWELT-ENGINEERING GmbH also focuses on the engineering supervision and management of carbon-derived contaminant remediation. These contaminants primarily include the residues from coal refining and gas production.
The pollutants are present in numerous locations, and stretch beyond Germany's borders in the form of open-air tar waste dumps. While these locations should indeed be viewed as problematic contamination sites, due to their high energy content they may still offer further recycling potential, after appropriate pre-treatment, as a substitute fuel resource. This would also make it possible to dispense with the costly but necessary safety measures associated with containment of the contamination.

Customized remediation concepts have been designed and evaluated for a multitude of major projects. This enabled BAUFELD, in collaboration with the appropriate recycling facilities, to develop various processes to treat tar residues that are aimed at energy recycling, and to bring these processes into standard use.

Remediation of oil sludge deposits

Oil sludge of the most diverse composition occur during exploration and petrochemical processing – especially during refinement. These sludges appear in many cases in the form of landfills in a wide variety of sizes, often widely dispersed regionally. In the remediation process, recovery of the oil contained inside these deposits plays a major role. The use of separator technologies (decanter/ tricanter etc), thermal desorption as well as the processing of accumulated substances are taken into consideration as substitute fuels for energy-use recycling. There are high quality standards as well in the decontamination of polluted water that occurs with the treatment of paste or fluid phases of old waste deposits.
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