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Geschäftsführer Abscheiderservice
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It is impossible to store, handle or sell oil, petroleum and other liquid hydrocarbons today without suitable light fluids separators. Fittings or installations by themselves cannot guarantee that oil phases are retained in the  effluent. Light fluids separators must be regularly inspected and tested to ensure full operability and leak-proof sealing. German legislators delineated these standards under DIN 1999-100/101 and other standards. As a specialist company, BAUFELD‘s separator service team handles the statutory testing and servicing for all operators of these separator facilities.

 BAUFELD is your competent service partner in the field of oil, petrol and grease separator services. We handle your statutory tests including leakage test, inspection of pipes together with maintenance and regular check-ups. The repair of installations, pipelines and channels – if needed - is also part of our full service offer. It comprises all kind of service from the installation of a new separator system up to its closure. We are Water Resources Act specialist company, hold certification according to SCC-/EfB- (Specialist waste management) and ISO. We are authorized experts of quality control association GET and hold a RAL certificate.

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