The certified specialist disposal company

Our customers can rest assured that their waste material is undergoing comprehensive and traceable processing and recycling, because we consider professionalism and quality management to be fundamental to our business services. For this reason, we are a DIN EN ISO 9001:2008-certified company in Quality Management. We also hold certification as a specialized waste management company in accordance to Section 56 of the German Recycling and Waste Management Act, and are a specialized company pursuant to German Water Resources Act Section 19.

As well as having these licenses and authorizations, our sites are regularly audited by our most important customers in accordance with customer-specific requirements in the industry.

Our storage tank sites are also included in the specialist waste disposal operator certification scheme. The storage tank sites are organized according to the requirements of the Ordinance on Waste Oils, i.e. each category of waste is stored in a separate tank.

Large batches are put together in the storage tanks. Specific testing, i.e. analysis of chlorine, water, and PCB content, determines the recycling method to be used.

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