More service for our customers! - New Customer Portal from 2016

From March 1st, 2016 onwards BAUFELD-OEL GmbH offers its customers additional services by a new Customer Portal to facilitate communication during order acceptance and order processing. The registered participants can enter their orders online around the clock and inform themseles at any time about the respective processing status of the current disposal processes. Also a flexible and structured exchange of information between the customer and our company is possible through/with the Customer Portal. Privacy is guaranteed 100%.

Light Fluid Seperator Service - Nationwide

It is impossible to store, handle or sell oil, petroleum and other liquid hydrocarbons today without suitable light fluids separators. Fittings or installations by themselves cannot guarantee that oil phases are retained in the effluent. Light fluids separators must be regularly inspected and tested to ensure full operability and leak-proof sealing. BAUFELD‘s separator service team handles the statutory testing and servicing for all operators of these separator facilities. All auditors of the BAUFELD separator service team have been fully trained by the TÜV (Technical Inspection Agency), have the prescribed technical expertise, are authorized experts of quality control association GET and regularly attend further training and manufacturers‘ courses. BAUFELD operates nationwide with major regional disposal companies and can provide you with the necessary emptying, cleaning and disposal services in an easy and reliable way. Of course, all companies used by BAUFELD also have the necessary certification as a specialist disposal company.


We check the technological and financial feasibility of your clean-up, prepare technical clean-up plans and prepare decision-making documents for the customer and the authorities. Option comparisons and cost-benefit analyses are carried out in collaboration with the assessors and the preferred options are determined, together with the associated timing and financial constraints.

Visit of the Environment Minister in Chemnitz

As part of a press trip performed by the Saxon State Ministry for Environment and Agriculture in August 2015 Minister of State Thomas Schmidt visited the site of BAUFELD-Mineralölraffinerie GmbH in Chemnitz.

The remediation projects of BAUFELD belong tothe largest environmental remediation projects in Saxony, due to the time and financial scope.

Dr. Ditmar Gruß, CEO of the refinery, provided an overview of the successfully remediated individual projects of acid tar lagoons in Neukirchen and Mittelbach. Following this, the responsible project manager Mr. Schendzielorz presented the currently prepared and planned actions as well as those which have been executed for the remediation of the refinery site in Chemnitz. He informed Minister of State Thomas Schmidt especially about details of the investigation and the planned lowering of ground water to accompany the action of the soil exchange in 2015 - 2016.

Preparation works – Remediation of Chemnitz Refinery

Following the successful completion of the remediation of the acid tar lagoons in Chemnitz in 2013 the planning of the remediation of contaminated soils of the BAUFELD-Mineralöraffinerie GmbH, Chemnitz took immediately place in coordination with the competent authorities. In 2014 the preparation works with demolition of old factory buildings and with detailed exploration campaigns of the individual remediation zones started. The extensive exploration in advance is the basis for the future successful remediation.


Former acid-tar site provides future solar power

After completion of the remediation at Neukirchen since October 2012 a large solar panel will be constructed on the former acid-tar site within a few weeks. To the idea of sustainability the terrain was even developed by BAUFELD to the approval and construction stage. By the end of November, the photovoltaic system with around 10,500 solar panels will be connected to the grid. The completed facility will produce annually about 2.5 million kilowatt hours, which is the supply of about 500 to 600 average four-person households.



In mid 2012 the remediation of the last acid tar lagoon in Chemnitz/ Saxony with the adjacent solid landfill site will be completed. thus one of the biggest european legacy of this kind has been successfully rehabilitated.

raffinerie chemnitz 1
raffinerie chemnitz 2

More than 180,000 tons of acid tars from five lagoons are used energetically as secondary fuel in coal power stations. Special emission minimized on-site and off-site processes for excavation, treatment and energetic utilization have been developed and practised by BAUFElD. now the remediated sites are accessible again after decades of closure. Actually BAUFElD is planning the reuse of sites setting up photovoltaic panels to gain solar energy up to 2,5 mw in 2012.

Launch of acid sludge removal project on the last acid sludge lagoon in neukirchen

(2009) After concluding work on the large acid sludge lagoon in mittelbach, in march BAuFeLD started with the acid sludge removal at the last of the old acid sludge deposits assigned to the Company in the Chemnitz region. the remediation concept was presented as part of a public relations event in may to the local population, neighbors and interested citizens. the acid sludge was recovered using proven recovery technology and the emissions safety measures implemented to date - approximately 25,000 metric tonnes by mid-2010. It is noteworthy that, as part of the recovery, an interim covering temporarily applied during the removal process was removed in a step-by-step procedu- re, in order to keep emissions as low as possible. As with prior projects involving an external processing system based on the technology developed by BAuFeLD, the recovered acid sludge is processed into a product that is delivered as an alternate fuel to vattenfall’s Schwarze pumpe power plant for co-firing.

beginn saeureharzentnahme 1
beginn saeureharzentnahme 2
beginn saeureharzentnahme 3
beginn saeureharzentnahme 4

2. acid tar Workshop

BAUFELD’s know-how is in high demand by owners of contaminated sites and principals of remediation projects. In this light, BAuFeLD presented its second Acid tar Workshop in october 2009 in Chemnitz. the goal of the workshop was to continue the exchange of experiences begun through a similar workshop three years ago with respect to technologies, process methods and financial aspects of major contaminated site remediation projects. At the workshop, presentations were delivered on the results and planning for significant projects in various countries in the area of acid sludge and tars. In doing so, we foremost wanted to cast additional light on problems related to the permit process for technical systems, and the optimization of recycling. In particular, the issue of the use of processing systems plays a role with respect to thermal recycling of alternate fuels derived from the initial materials. Beside acid sludge and tar, the treatment of other wastes from the petrochemical industry was addressed, such as oil sludge. In addition to consideration of our current remediation site for the last acid sludge lagoon in neunkirchen near Chemnitz, there was ample time to hold informal discussions and to talk about issues that were brought up by workshop participants.

acid tar pdf

Conclusion of the remediation of the lower acid sludge lagoon in Mittelbach (uSHt)

With great participation by residents and official representatives, a celebration was held in october 2008 for the closing of the remediation of the uSHt in mittelbach. Here as well, the BAuFeLD-concept ensured that the remediation did justice to the high economic, ecological and sustainability benchmarks. thus, another major step toward the remediation at the location was completed, in order to fully eliminate the risks and burdens on the environment associated with acid sludge lagoons. the lower acid sludge lagoon (uSHt) represents the largest sub-remediation project, with a surface area of approximately 7,300 m2 and a depth of up to 9 meters. Beginning at the start of march 2005, a total of more than 62,000 tonnes of acid sludge deposits were recovered, processed and largely recycled for energy use over the course of the 2-year remediation project on the uSHt. After removal and recycling of the acid sludge and subsequent profiling and recultivation of the former landfill site, the remediation efforts were successfully concluded in october 2008. thus, the remediation of a total 4 out of 5 former acid sludge lagoons was successfully completed for the total lagoons project at the sites in neukirchen and mittelbach.

abschluss der sanierung 1
abschluss der sanierung 2
abschluss der sanierung 3

removal of the last ton of acid sludge for the remediation of the 4th lagoon

(2007, Mittelbach) With the removal of the last tonne of acid sludge on 12 April 2007 from the fourth acid sludge lagoon, another important stage of the remediation was completed for the old acid sludge landfills in the area of Chemnitz/Saxony. Together with participating officials, these milestones in one of the largest old contaminated site remediation projects of the Free State of Saxony were celebrated with musical accompaniment. thus, more than 60,000 tonnes of acid sludge were recovered and decontaminated over the last two years on the lower acid sludge lagoon of the mittelbach landfill site. In addition to this, the contaminated soils are now safely stored at the site. Next, the site will be reshaped in harmony with nature using clean soil materials. The overall remediation of the fourth of five acid sludge lagoons in Chemnitz was thereby completed at the end of 2007.

As with prior projects, the acid sludge residues were processed and decontaminated using the proven technologies developed by BAu- FeLD. Since 1999, nearly 150,000 tonnes of acid sludge residues have been recovered through the projects in Chemnitz, and for the most part recycled as alternate fuels in the brown coal power plant. the applied technologies of the projects in Chemnitz serve as a benchmark for other comparable european contaminated site remediation projects. In parallel with the completion of the remediation at the mittelbach site, currently plans are already underway for remediation of the last acid sludge lagoon at the neukirchen landfill site, involving another 30,000 m3 acid sludge residues, which were started in 2008.

entnahme letzte tonne 1
entnahme letzte tonne 2
entnahme letzte tonne 3

BAUFELD-CHEMIE GmbH enters into cooperation agreement with AURA Technologie GmbH

Baufeld-Chemie GmbH and Aura Technologie GmbH entered into a long-term cooperation agreement on September 1, 2012 that will intensify their already long-standing collaborative relationship.AURA Technologie processes spent catalysts and metal-containing wastes originating from the chemical and petrochemical industries. Contained valuable metals – particularly molybdenum, tungsten, vanadium, nickel and cobalt – are recovered in form of chemical intermediates and are recycled for industrial re-use.

Because BAUFELD-CHEMIE operates in the same industrial environment, and is integrated into an international network through the BAUFELD Group, BAUFELD-CHEMIE will take over the sales-related procurement of the spent catalysts, and elevate the company's international profile, effective September 2012. A specialized sales team is being integrated and further expanded for this purpose.

AURA Technologie will enhance its core competency, further optimize its metals processing methods and broaden the scope of its processing. The cooperation partners are placing particular emphasis on the development and implementation of new processes to recapture special metals – including metals from different places of origin.

By bundling sales activities, both companies can offer their customers an expanded range of services.

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