Committed to you - the Management team

Jens Wendland
Managing Director Purchase & Logistics
Dr. Ditmar Gruß
Managing Director Collection
Guido Wieland
Branch Office Manager South
Julian Schultz
Proxy Purchase & Logistics


For more than 40 years, you‘ve known us to be a reliable service provider in the core businesses of used oil, recycling of residues from the petrochemicals industry, regeneration of contaminated waters as well as separator services.

The developments over the past few years have ushered in major changes in waste disposal management. All of us have learned that raw materials are becoming increasingly scarce – and therefore more valuable. Key statutory regulations that were once the drivers for our business endeavours have since become standard practice to ensure environmental protection. Now the important issues are climate protection, the sustainable supply of raw materials and energy availability. We embrace these challenges, and continue to provide you with reliable disposal services that are personalized, clean, legally compliant and punctual, and conducted using modern technology – all at a fair price.

Your waste is a raw material, and therefore valuable. Through our innovative technologies, we can achieve added value that we share with you in a transparent manner.

Our collaboration will lead to a substantial reduction in CO2-emissions, which is a benefit to all of us. We calculate the total CO2-reduction and resource savings based on an accepted method from the IFEU Institute, Hamburg. You contribute to this by delivering your waste oil to us.

Specialist technical know-how together with modern refining technology at the PURAGLOBE refineries allows the production of high-quality base oils according to the priority of the European Waste Framework Directive.

Together, we create value for our companies and for the generations to come – according to our principle

where sustainability starts.

We look forward to a successful partnership with you.

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