BAUFELD Vehicle Fleet

The BAUFELD drivers are your competent and friendly partners on site − over 50 drivers with modern collection vehicles are available for all customer requirements. Multi-tank systems make it possible to collect different fluids in separate compartments on a single visit.

Through an advanced telematics system, we have the opportunity to submit orders at short notice (in real time) to our drivers and can react flexibly to customer needs. All drivers are equipped with an electronic signature card and can sign the necessary accompanying documents electronically on-site at the customer‘s location, thereby saving our customers time and money.

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We achieve efficient used oil collection by combining budget-conscious logistics with continuous haulage and route optimization.

Vacuum and pump vehicles with capacities ranging from 6 m3 to 30 m3, vehicles with discharge pistons and heated trailers are at our disposal. Our drivers are trained to ADR and EfbV standards to ensure maximum safety when handling hazardous materials, and can be relied on completely. Our on-site service includes chlorine testing, retain sampling, completing the requisite documentation and printing invoices. We will also provide you with assistance if you have any questions concerning the storage of waste.

The quantities of waste collected are offloaded from the collection vehicles at decentralized oil terminals and taken by bulk transport to the nearest recycling installation of the group’s own refineries.

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