International used oil procurement

As part of the PURAGLOBE-BAUFELD group, BAUFELD OEL is responsible for the supply of Puraglobe refineries with the raw material used oil. Over 150,000 tons are delivered on-time and according to quality standards every year to allow for a continuous operation of our plant 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

Baufeld has established an international procurement network to ensure the supply of the group‘s own refineries.

Our high-performance team of employees, including experts in distribution and logistics, ensure that our refineries receive an optimal supply of raw materials in compliance with all specifications. Used oils imported from numerous European and non-European nations are recycled at our refineries.

The growing trend towards environmental awareness is reflected in the international market for used oils. This is obvious from the increasing number of requests and orders from different countries.

Global contacts and partnerships form the basis for the expansion and growth of our group. We continuously monitor and gradually develop markets of vital strategic interest. This approach will secure the long-term supply to our facilities, thus creating an important building block to the success of the Used Oil Division.

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